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The Truth of Law of Attraction Principles

The Truth of Law of Attraction Principles
16 June, 8:52 am

The Truth of Law of Attraction Principles

Does the Law of attraction really work?

Over the last few years, the law of attraction has started gaining more traction.

Starting with The Secret back in 2006 to progressing into a global movement.

Whatever you think, and whatever you put out into the world, is what you attract.

While doing google, we can see various stories and examples who claim that the Law of attraction works if you follow the instruction in the right way.  Believe it or not- no matter how serious are you to think deeply about your dream life to make it happens- it won’t work.

Here we have no intention to disappoint you in anyways, our purpose is to give you a reason for failure.  We follow different ways for success i.e. Law of Attraction, Motivational Books and Videos, Meditation, etc. but nothing is working out. 

Law of Attraction- Most people try for years to use the law of attraction in order to attract desired items, but instead of attraction, they accomplish nothing at all.  End of the day you will be responsible for the failure and it is said that we must have done something wrong to follow the law of attraction principles.  If you try principles from LOA and fail to accomplish anything, that simply means it doesn't work. It is that simple.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against LOA and motivating people, let everyone do what they want and believe what they want to believe-

Reality is that we are not ready to adopt LOA, Meditation, or any other rules that are claimed to get successful.  We have to get ready before we jump into any of the principles. 

We are kindergarten students and learning initial characters A, B, C.  Somebody come to us and say these are books of literature, if you read it carefully then you will be perfect in English.  So do you think we are ready for that?   It is the same happening to us. 

All principles work- either it is a Law of Attraction or Meditation or follow motivational speakers.  Before we explore such things, we need to get us ready for the same.  Our mind is not ready at this time, so we have to work on it and once it is ready then try other principles.