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How a young man had a baby with a ghost

How a young man had a baby with a ghost
11 June, 10:53 am

How a young man had a baby with a ghost

Do you believe in the existence of a ghost? Well, this is the story of a young man from Ghana who met a beautiful girl and dated her for some time and decided to formalize the relationship but the lady refused to take him home to meet her parents. He only got to know the truth after she gave birth and left a note together with the baby girl at his mother's house and the direction with the names of her parents and their location.  The young man narrated his experience on Abena Magis Facebook page. 

Hello auntie Abena

I met a lady 3 years ago and we started dating. Our love life was like Romeo and Juliet so I took a bold step to go marry her. She gave all excuses to why she doesn’t want to go to her parents in Kasoa. She said that she ran away from home because she wanted to be independent. I told her to go with me so I plead on her behalf because now that she had a good job and I'm also well to do, they would forgive her. Auntie Abena she didn’t oohh, and only took me to one woman she claimed was her auntie. Hmm.

She did her best to ignore conversations about her parents. She sometimes ignored me for months whenever I raised the issue. So I asked her supposed auntie if she could take me to her family because I wanted her as a wife. Eii!

The auntie also ignored me and said I can forget her niece if that’s what I'll keep saying. That same month my woman came to me that she’s pregnant. I was so happy thinking she would take me home but again I was wrong. My parents and family tried to convince her but nothing. We decided to wait till she gives birth, thinking that by all means her parents would hear their daughter has put to bed and they will come.

Again nothing!! Then the thought of “is she a ghost” came to mind. One afternoon my mum called that my woman came to leave the baby and a note for me and I should rush to their house immediately! Eii! I got there and the note read “Since it’s my family you want and not me, these are their names” (Mentioned names and location)

Eii! I was shaking. Early in the morning I left with my uncle and dad together with my mum to the said location. After a long talk with the family and pictures that showed it was their daughter, they told us to go and return the following week. We got there and they brought out an obituary and a brochure of my woman. Oohh hmm!

Eii! when did she die. Where is her corpse? Before we were told she died 4 years ago!!! Eii!! I never believed ghosts existed. As at now am still undergoing psychiatric treatment and it’s not been easy. God bless her for my beautiful baby girl.

Please you and your audience should pray for me. Hmm

Source: Abena Magis Manokekame Facebook page